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I heard about this local Cars and Coffee event that happens monthly on the UWA campus in Perth, Western Australia. Some pretty awesome cars get dusted off for the event. While there were some pretty desirable exotic, classic and rare cars, it was the everyday cars that were around in my younger days that most appealed to me. My favourite was a Sunbeam Tiger, a standard and unmolested original car driven to and from the event by a lady and her young daughter. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics. My next favourite was the red Cortina 2 door GT. A couple of AH Sprites in really nice restored condition came in at 3rd. The Mini Moke is Supercharged, pretty cool. The MGA was very tidy, nicely restored. And ya gotta love the Big Healy’s. A lovely old Jag and a couple of VW’s for good measure.