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After purchasing a MGB GT LE interstate I was looking forward to picking it up from the transport yard. It was at this point that a problem with the car had been revealed. The car was difficult to start and when it did, it would only travel about 2 km before stopping. Regretfully, the car coming home unceremoniously on the back of a tilt tray truck.

After getting the car home the alternator and voltage regulator were checked. Both were ok.

A local auto electrician identified the fault as a burnt-out ignition relay, which, in an MGB, also controls the blinkers and some dash gauges, causing issues with those components..

The replacement part cost $5.00 but caused a lot of grief and some unexpected costs including a new battery, tow truck and a fairly large invoice from the auto electrician. I checked the symptoms of a faulty ignition relay which described almost exactly what the car was doing.

Symptoms of a faulty ignition relay include:

  • The car suddenly stalls while operating – yes
  • Car not starting – yes
  • Dead battery – yes
  • Intermittent issues starting the car – yes
  • Starter stays on after engine started – no
  • Clicking sound coming from the starter – yes

If your MGB displays any of these symptoms then check your ignition relay. The issue of the blinkers failing and dash lights coming on were caused by some of that wiring in my MGB also passing through the ignition relay.


Search online for symptoms and how to resolve them. If I had known what the cause was I could have saved a lot of grief AND money.