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Bent Hinges:

When the GT was towed home it got loaded backwards on the flatbed truck. The rear quarter window latches were not connected. At freeway speeds, the windows wanted to blow open which caused the hinges to stretch. Fortunately, the driver noticed and stopped to secure them but not before the hinges got bent out of shape a bit. The windows wouldn’t close into the frame anymore. The solution was to take them out and reshape the hinges This was a delicate job to do without breaking the rivets holding the hinge to the window.

Window Seal:

With the windows out I could see the pinch weld seals were squashed and beyond being serviceable. A quick look online revealed the seals are available but quite expensive, approximately $130 -$150 per side to land in Australia, ouch. A quick trip to Clark Rubber yielded new seals for $25 per side. The difference is the OEM part has welded corners making it all 1 piece. I’ve fitted in 3 pieces, taking time to cut it neatly and overlay the corners with some trimming. The GT project is not going to be a show car, what’s important is keeping the weather out. In addition, the new seals make it quite airtight which is important for my upcoming A/C upgrade. I’m very happy with the job and the price.

Check for Rust:

Another online search revealed it’s common for GT’s in England to have severe rust hidden underneath the chrome trim piece on the bottom sill. Ok, so I better check while I have the opportunity. The rivets securing the trim were drilled out. The GT has spent most of its life in the arid climate of Western Australia, it was grubby underneath but in good condition. It got a quick clean up, a polish, a touch up in the corners with some lanolin-based rust prevention, then the trim piece was riveted back on.  The quarter window got screwed back in, followed by the trim piece that covers the B pillar using new stainless steel screws.

Trim Seal Colour:

The old window seal was tan in colour. I wasn’t sure how the black replacement would look. As it turned out from inside against the Autumn Leaf colour vinyl it just looked like black rubber against the trim. To my mind, it just looks like it should, and not out of place at all.

Closing Mechanism:

Many forum comments questioned how the latch on the rear quarter windows works. Some wouldn’t close, some wouldn’t stay open, while others flapped open and closed while driving along. That would be really annoying. With the job finished I was very keen to check how it operated. I’m glad to report that it works perfectly. It simply needs a firm press to close which makes a solid clasp sound as it locks into place. Additionally, it locks into place when opened and stays there. Good news. Another job ticked off the to-do list.

Happy trails all.