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MGB LE (Limited Edition) – Summary of Features

MGB LE (Limited Edition) – Summary of Features

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The limited edition MGB’s were interesting cars. Although they didn’t poses any special technical or performance related features, each one offered very unique cosmetic features.  There were a couple of different limited edition MGB’s made.

1. Jubilee, 1975MGB

2. Limited Edition LE (1979-1980) – US edition

3. Limited Edition LE (1980) – UK edition.

MGB Jubilee:

In May 1975 Abingdon produced 750 specially prepared MGB GTs to celebrate what British Leyland thought to be the MG Car Company’s fiftieth anniversary of the production of MG Cars. Features included some technical changes to meet new US safety standards plus cosmetic features including colour (green only), gold decals and V8 alloy wheels.

MGB LE – US Edition:

In 1979 British Leyland intended to produced 500 limited edition (LE) model roadsters for the US market but due to demand ended up producing 6682. The US LE model was similar to the UK LE model but with different fittings and colours – black only.

MGB LE – UK Edition:

Unique interior of MGB GT LE – UK Edition

These cars were built at Abingdon in 1979/80 and were in fact the last MGs to be built at the famous factory before its closure in October 1980. A total of 1,000 Limited Edition MGBs were produced, 420 in Roadster form, 580 in GT form with the very last of each model going to the Heritage Trust Museum at Gaydon to add to their collection of historic vehicles.

Features included some technical changes and unique cosmetic features including colour (Pewter for GT model and bronze for roadster), stripe decals and Triumph Stag alloy wheels.