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This page is maintained by brothers Terry and David. Following is a brief background of their MG Experiences.


I enjoy a number of hobbies, not so for my wife though. She will tell you “I try to find a hobby but nothing works for me. But not David, he just bounds along, discovers a new interest and bam, he has a new hobby”. So at age 61, I developed a keen interest in acquiring an older car to tinker with. Not necessarily a restoration project as time is still a precious commodity and not to be messed with.


My twin brother Terry had recently purchased a 70’s MGB roadster which rekindled a passion that started as a teenager.  Over the years he’s enjoyed owning, tinkering and working on classic cars. Enjoying a number of discussions about his MGB experiences, I decided to launch into my own MGB experience.

But why an MGB?

I looked at various options. For example, a VW Beetle or Kombie, both of which I had owned in my youth, and other models familiar in the 60’s and 70’s. I realised that MGB’s offered many benefits over the other options. I concluded that MGB’s were the classic car of its era, equivalent to our current day  Toyota Corolla. In other words, there are lots of them around and an abundance of parts and upgrades available. In addition, there is a very strong enthusiasts platform. Local car clubs are very active and online material for the MGB is abundant worldwide. What a great option for launching into a classic car experience.

My first MGB experience:

A 1980 MGB GT LE – a limited edition model released at the very end of the MGB production story. This page is intended to document this journey, provide reviews, practical guidelines of ownership, maintenance, upgrade tips, fun stories and stories from the trenches.