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My MGB GT LE was serviced on the weekend. The car looked like it had been well maintained and became more obvious during the service. During the service it also became clear a couple of items would require future attention. More on that later.

Following is a checklist for the service:

  • Drain engine oil and refill with new oil.
  • Check levels and condition of oil in the diff and gearbox. The oil was clean and levels were good.
  • There was some oil leaking Laycock LH Style Overdrive MGBaround the Laycock L.H. Style Overdrive unit. A quick online search revealed the overdrive unit shares oil with the gearbox. Accordingly, no top-up was required.
  • Brake pads on the front discs were good and an adjustment was made to the rear drum brakes. There is a little vibration of the steering wheel whilst braking on a steep decline so the rotors will need machining sometime over the next several months.
  • Replace spark plugs. Although the old plugs were ok we decided to replace them anyway.
  • Check the distributor cap, points and condenser. These parts looked like they had been replaced in the past 6 months. We decided to leave these and return those parts for a refund.
  • The mechanic had already made some impromptu adjustments to the twin SU carburettors and the timing. The final adjustments left the timing advanced a smidgen. The trade-off was to optimise performance with enough advance to the timing without the pinging.

Items for future attention:

1. Oil Cooler

The oil cooler has two fixing brackets and one of them had completely broken off. Being fixed with one brake the oil cooler is flopping around a bit. Not a good scenario in the long run and a repair will be carried out as soon as I can source a new oil cooler unit.

2. Exhaust Leak

The second item was a small leak where the exhaust is connected to the extractors, held on with a pipe bracket. This is not an issue that requires immediate attention. I am intending to have a sports exhaust fitted to the extractors in the near future which will resolve the issue.

3. Front brake rotors

The front disk brake rotors need machining or replacing as the brakes.


A full service was not required. Accordingly, the distributor parts were returned to the store for a credit of $96.00. In the process of tuning, the timing slightly advanced the car is running smoothly.  As per above, there are a few other repairs to be carried out.

Parts list:

Oil Filter Z38
7811 spark plugs
HP 30 20w60 HPM oil